Bringing happiness to the high-street for Coca-Cola

Challenge - In retail locations such as fast-food, corner shops and supermarkets the Coca-Cola owned properties were not delivering on the brand ambition.

Idea - A suite of innovation concepts were developed in order to activate happiness. From giving useful tips on local happenings to weather forecasts and community boards, we created innovative delivery systems as well as content to bring the brand to life. This became a larger scale evolution to Coke's retail footprint and real retail innovation. The above video is one of the innovation, the project was lead by a partnership of myself and shopper marketing expert, Emma Perkins.

Execution - The featured fridge is the first idea to roll out, now in full scale production. the fridge is fitted with a camera that detects gender, age and saves on power when nobody is around. The fridge delivers time and location specific content such as weather, traffic and local news alongside social media feeds, promotions, reviews and events.